Lake Baikal - description, specifications, features, reviews.
  "He have nazyvatsya the sea, that mingled with a large sea, and obesity its terms cannot be", - wrote in the XVII century on lake Baikal Tsar's Ambassador Nikolay…

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Lakes Description characteristics
  In Karelia are the largest lakes of Europe - Ladoga and Onega. Stand out for their size also Vygozero (1000 sq km), Topozero. Segozero, Pjaozero, Vodlozero, Kuito, Sumozero. In…

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The Lake – The biggest lake of the world


The cleanest and deepest lake — Baikal. Its length is 620 km, the width ranges from 32 to 74 kilometers. The depth of the lake in the deepest part of the crack length is equal to 1940 meters. The volume of fresh water in the lake is 2,300 cubic kilometers.

African sister of lake Baikal geographers call lake Tanganyika. It originated in Eastern Africa many millions of years ago. Under the influence of tectonic forces in the earth’s surface there were two giant cracks. And in the place where now splashing water of lake Tanganyika, formed two large abysses – trenches. Gradually they filled with water, and there were two closed lakes.

It took many millennia, and these reservoirs are connected, forming lake Tanganyika. In local dialect the name of the lake means “sail”. The similarities of lake Baikal and Tanganyika is that they are similar in size and shape, as well as the origin of their basins. In addition, these are two of the most ancient and deepest freshwater lake in the world, Tanganyika equal Depth of 1470 metres, almost 700 metres below sea level. The lake water remarkably clear and pure, and its surface is so smooth that reminds a mirror.

The lake is home to over 400 species of various fish, crustaceans, molluscs. Almost 300 of them anywhere in the world no longer occur. But is only inhabited the top floor of the lake — “layer of life” — the thickness of which is about 250 meters. The Caspian sea is the largest among lakes in the world. Its length is 1225 kilometers, and total area — 360 700 square meters. Part of it belongs to Iran, is called Darya-e-Khazar. The maximum depth of this sea-lake is $ 1025 meters.

Ladoga lake is the biggest in Europe. It protyanulos from North to South on 219 kilo meters, and its average breadth is over 80 kilometers above. The lake is more than 660 large and small rocky Islands. The world’s biggest underground lake, discovered in Northern Namibia. Cavers opened it, dropping in a karstic cleft, which local people call “the nostrils of the dragon” — there is constantly emanates warmth.

At a depth of 59 meters below ground in the dolomite layers, the expedition found a lake with an area of 1.9 hectares, which is 0.1 hectare more underground lakes Lost lake in Tennessee (USA), which until now was considered the largest underground lake in the world. The greatest depth of lake is about 200 meters. The water is extremely transparent, its temperature — 24 degrees Celsius.

The largest lake in the lake — lake Manitou. His area of almost 107 square meters. It is located on the largest lake island Manitoulin in the Canadian part of lake Huron. On this lake there is a small island.