Lakes of Russia
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Kyrgyzstan lake Issyk Kul



Kyrgyzstan is famous for its picturesque nature and rich history that attracts many tourists from all corners of not only CIS, but also abroad. Kyrgyzstan surprised by its natural diversity: on its territory adjoin the majestic mountain ranges of the Tien Shan mountains, covered with snow, and the beautiful green plains, picturesque rivers and lakes, waterfalls, springs and gorges and caves. In addition, on the territory of Kyrgyzstan there are many architectural and archeological monuments: settlements, tombs, burial grounds, complete with its unsolved mysteries of the Ancient East. Travel Agency “Three pillars” offers travel and tours in Issyk-Kul this summer, what could be better entertainment at affordable prices!

The pride of the country and a pearl of Central Asia is considered to be the Issyk-Kul lake . situated at an altitude of 1607 meters above the sea level. “Issyk-Kul lake” is translated as “hot lake”, although it is not quite true. The fact that the lake does not freeze even in severe frosts in winter the temperature does not drop below + 4. and the steam rising above the surface of the lake, creates the illusion of boiling water. In the summertime, which lasts quite a long time, the water temperature reaches + 24. Due to the fact that the mountains around Issyk-Kul hollow form, the climate in this area is mild, not cold in winter and hot in summer.

In addition, the lake is remarkable for its crystal purity and medicinal properties: it empties into more than fifty mineral springs, which in its composition is close to the Caucasian mineral waters.

The landscape of the Issyk-Kul region is very diverse: deserts are replaced by dense forests and bright green meadows adjoin snow-capped peaks. Near the lake there is a plain, dotted with many rivers that flow into Issyk-Kul lake, but none flows out. Surrounded by mountains and snowy peaks, she creates exquisite beauty of its landscape.

The area around the lake can be divided into two parts: North and South coast. The North coast with its clean sandy beaches is a popular destination for tours and a tour in Issyk-Kul. Along it are sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels, cafes, clubs, entertainment centres, water parks. South coast is preferred by lovers of quiet secluded camping. Most of the coast covered with wild beaches with thickets of sea buckthorn. Entertainment here is not so much as on the North coast, but here you can really enjoy the peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle. The mild climate, the healing properties of the water, amazing views – that is, for what it is worth to buy tours and trips to Issyk-Kul. And a lot of accommodation options, plenty of entertainment for every taste and reasonable prices will surely meet your expectations.

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