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Trip to lake Riza


While at the yard the frost, I sit here and think of my trip to Abkhazia this summer. We went to a beautiful lake Ritsa. It is situated in the Ritsa national Park at an altitude of 950 m above sea level in the basin of the river Bzyb, deep wooded gorge of the rivers Lspci and Yupshara there, East of the Gagra range. The mountains surrounding the lake, have a height of 2200-3200m metres. Area of 1.27 km2, length — 2.5 km, width from 270 to 870 meters. The average depth is 63 m, the highest is 131 m. the origin of the name Riza? There is a legend about a girl named Riza, who tragically died in these places. Once in the area were the valley through which flowed a stream. On its pastures grazed cattle beauty named Riza is the only sister of 3 brothers (Pshegishkha, Acetone and Agepsta). The young men spent their days hunting, and the girl herds and were managed on the farm.

One day the brothers went to hunt in the mountains and did not come back. A night passed, second – and they still would not. The girl missed him and, sitting close to the house, singing, looking at the road that left the brothers. Heard the singing thief 2 – the Gega and Yupshara. Seeing how a beautiful girl, they decided to steal it and take away with them. Yupshara grabbed ritsu and rode onward through the valley, and Gega was covering him from behind.

However, the brothers heard cries for help and rushed to the aid of her sister. Pshegishkha threw his sword after the robbers, but missed and only cut off the river. And then the water began to rise rapidly, flooding the whole valley, and, a moment later, turned it into a deep lake. Riza, trying to break free from the hands of robbers, could not resist and fell into the water. But the brothers failed to save her sister. Anger and despair Pshegishkha threw into the lake Iupshara, but it did not accept it and, having also seized, carried to the sea. Gega wanted to save his friend the robber, but he got into the water and drowned.

From befallen grief associated with the death of the lake Ritsa, the brothers turned to stone and became high and mighty mountains, forever grieving over the sister and guarding her rest.

That’s the story. Another interesting fact is that the hue of the water surface of lake Ritsa is changed according to the season. The reason for this phenomenon, as suggested by the majority, is different in the level of transparency of river water, which flows into the Ritz, as well as in the emergence and active development of phytoplankton – microscopic algae that are found in the lake. Thus, in summer and spring the pond is greenish yellow, and in winter and fall – cold blue color. In the Ritz there are whitefish and trout.

Our road to ritsu ran through the high gorges that can be present perhaps only in good movies, and really does not in real life. Such a miracle I saw for the first time. A huge rock hanging over you, the impression that our little jeep here-here will crush these giants.

On the way he met quite a few interesting places: waterfalls, cliffs, mountain lakes, especially liked the blue lake. On top of its surface looks like a huge sapphire. They say that the depth of this small lake is 76 m, but other sources say even 90 m. Although it is pretty zapomniano and littered and full of variety around wanting to get money for shooting, it is just unclear what, I found a very good angle – turned out to be right in the style of National GEOGRAPHICS.

When you get to the lake Ritsa road with a magnificent view of the lake, the view is certainly beautiful, but it takes every tourist.

In Stalin’s country house are all preserved as it was when the host – the same things, the same interior, the same furniture. Now there are tours, but in recent times they are limited, because it is the current residence of the President of Abkhazia. The cottage is a single storey structure with three bedrooms with the same layout and furnishings. This was due to the fact that the leader is so “masked”, passing during the night from one room to another.

Stalin’s dacha very much. Though of course a lot of the authentic no longer there, but still, she keeps that same atmosphere. Interestingly, our bastard oligarchs are buying up land everywhere and all the roads and beaches perevarivat, they say the money is there, the mind is not necessary, as Stalin built his dacha there, where no dog just will not work and none of the people she did not create discomfort and problems.

Oddly enough, oz. Riza has 2 places, light and shadow side. Light party – the Ritz for ordinary people-tourists, shadow – Riza for those who are different, for those who see the world differently, and does not accept bans, you can get there only on an unofficial tour or their feet.