Keep Baikal alive!
  UNESCO supported the requirements for the protection of lake Baikal 34th Session of the world Heritage Committee of UNESCO endorsed the demands of the 125 thousand people who signed…

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Thank you for the warming: the most northerly lake comes back to life
  Lake Kaffeklubben (detsk. Kaffeklubben Sø, 83 37') is located on a small (48 ha) of the eponymous island. to the North of Greenland, only 707 km from the pole.…

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Most Dangerous lake


Beautiful, mesmerizing and alluring water surface can often be very dangerous. So, if you are going on another vacation on the shores of the reservoir, remember that many of them can pose a deadly danger to humans. And it’s not just the variety of creatures lurking in the depths, but in radiation, poisonous gases and other harmful factors resulting from the work of Mother nature. Offer to meet with the most dangerous lakes in the world.

1. The boiling lake

This lake, located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica is the second largest natural hot spring in the world. Here only there is hardly a brave man who dared to try the water temperature in the lake, because it reaches 90 degrees Celsius. One look at the photo enough to see that the water in the lake is boiling and this is due to the fact that at the bottom of the reservoir has a crack, through which is constantly erupting hot lava.

2. Lake Powell

In common, this lake, located near mammoth lakes, not otherwise referred to as horseshoe. The town of mammoth lakes is located on top of an active volcano, but despite this, lake Powell for many years was considered safe, until all the trees around him began to die. After a series of studies, scientists concluded that the cause of death of trees in the high level of carbon dioxide that enters the air through the earth from underground chambers of magma cooling.

3. Lake Karachay

This lake, located in the Ural mountains of Russia, is the most dangerous in the world. Since 1951, water in this reservoir began to be dumped radioactive waste, so today man cannot be near to the lake even five minutes, since it immediately begins to experience nausea. In 1961, due to strong winds, toxic dust struck about 500 thousand people.

4. Lake Kivu

This amazing lake is located on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, differs from the others by the presence of layers of carbon dioxide and 55 billion cubic metres of methane at the bottom. Such a mixture is very dangerous, as the slightest earthquake or volcanic activity may result in an exposure. That’s why 2 million people living in nearby areas, are in constant fear of dying from the explosion of methane or by suffocation with carbon dioxide.

5. Lake Michigan

Despite the fact that it is a warm lake located on the border of Canada and the United States each year are attracted to its shores many tourists, in fact it is deadly. The fact is that in the lake there are dangerous currents that occur abruptly and always spontaneously. Particularly dangerous lakes in autumn, in addition to when trends occur the waves, which reach heights of several meters.

6. Mono Lake

Mono lake, located in Mono County in California, boasts the most developed ecosystem in the world. Despite the fact that the fish in this salt lake you will not find, but the bacteria and small algae thrive here in large numbers. All was well until the moment when Los Angeles started to develop actively, causing the tributaries of the lake began to dry up. This tragedy continued until 1990, and during this time the lake lost half its volume, its salinity had doubled. Today, Mono lake is an alkaline body of water is toxic, filled with carbonates, chlorides and sulphates.

7. Lake Monoun

Lake Monoun is located in Cameroon and is one of the three most hazardous lakes in the world. In 1984 from Moon explosion injured 37 people, as it rose in the air a cloud of carbon dioxide.

8. Lake Nyos

In 1986 after the explosion of lake Nyos was released carbon dioxide, which transformed water into carbon acid. After the incident of landslide in the air rose a giant cloud of carbon dioxide, leading to the deaths of thousands of people and animals. Such a tragedy could happen again at any time.

9. Lake Ozark

At first glance, the lake of the Ozarks may seem like a great place to relax, but actually it is not so. A particular danger to tourists are the numerous boats and cruisers, flying through the water at huge speed. Besides, in the pond were discovered colony of E. coli, resulting from sewage entering the lake from a local restaurant.