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Dangerous lake Togliatti will be painted in green color


Information about what the Tolyatti rescuers will paint the most popular and the most dangerous lake in deterring bright colors recently appeared on several official websites, including city hall, Togliatti, and the Ministry of forestry, environment and nature management of the Samara region. However, this statement is just sad statistics.

– This idea we have sounded rather at the level of propaganda, technology is only explored, explained “WG” head of the Department of public safety Togliatti Konstantin Firsov. – Us by any means necessary to preserve human life, but people continue to bathe in the forbidden places and to perish. At the entrance to the lake the water temperature is 25, but if you swim far and to adopt a vertical position or to dive, the water sometimes reaches +4, they beat the springs. The human body to such extremes is not adapted, convulsions, even a good swimmer can drown.

Deputy Director “Center for civil protection city of Togliatti” Andrey Derbenev explained that now the city consider any sensible ideas that the swimming season if possible passed positively:

– We have a lake, literally full of prohibitory signs, and people put on them shorts and go for a swim. Because each lake will not be wall. We, of course, carry out raids, but residents still continue to swim in dangerous waters.

Technology color lakes, food dyes, said Andrei Derbenev, now turned round with a lifeguard in Germany. There, he said, was prepared a small artificial reservoir filled with rain water. And now experts see how stable the dye and whether it is compatible with aquatic flora and fauna.

Another project, which Togliatti authorities are ready to adopt, it is the attraction of landscape designers. If the lake “decorate” decorative algae and duckweed, it will scare the swimmers much more than notices. Nature itself demonstrates the effectiveness of this method. So, in the last days of the Volga in the area of official beaches of the City blossomed, and the people, despite the heat, 30, subsided. Now specialists of the Center of civil protection are consulting with the Institute of ecology of Volga basin, projects for the prevention of death on the water was not detrimental to nature.


Sergey Simak, member of civic chamber of the Russian Federation, co-Chairman international socially-the ecological Union:

– Of course, you need to look, what is this dye. If food, then it’s organic. And organics is a fertilizer, depending on dose, it can cause rapid algal growth, leading to a sharp decrease in oxygen in the pond. That is, such experiments can end in serious violation of the ecosystem and even gibelio of the reservoir. I think the problem must be solved through the normal arrangement of recreational areas so that people had an alternative, but not at the expense of nature.