The lake of Fire ERTA Ale (the Erta Ale). Ethiopia
In northeastern Ethiopia, in the desert Danakil located an active volcano ERTA Ale, in whose crater can be seen emanating from the center of the earth flows molten lava. The…

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Trip to lake Riza
  While at the yard the frost, I sit here and think of my trip to Abkhazia this summer. We went to a beautiful lake Ritsa. It is situated in…

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Dubai — the dream city


Dubai – the dream city for everyone. Having been here, having plunged in an atmosphere of elegance, enjoying fantastic views and getting acquainted with the sights of the city, You’ll never want to leave this Paradise! Attracted by this city and their customs and laws: policy of freedom from taxation and bureaucracy, which contributed to rapid development of Dubai and turned it into a dream city not only for tourists but also for civil engineers and businessmen.

It is the city of the most incredible facilities such as shops, restaurants, Nightclubs, sports facilities and much more. Here You can visit various exhibitions, participate in annual sporting events (tennis, Golf, horse racing) and at scientific conferences, or simply relax on the Sunny shores of the Persian Gulf.

For tourists there are incredible entertainment that are not found on any other resort. You will be asked desert Safari – group tour that allows you to experience the real Arabia. You can visit the mountains and in the desert, visit Bedouin village, a camel and a goat farm. Adventure lovers will not leave indifferent riding the jeep on the dunes of the desert, reminiscent of “roller coaster”.

A symbol of Arabia is a camel. Camel riding is another service for tourists. Very popular and a trip through Wadi (ephemeral river beds). Some Wadi amaze visitors with its beauty. During the trip you can see the amazing lake, surrounded by greenery and rocks.

Dubai is one of the hottest city, however, and you can go skiing… with sand dunes. An unusual sport will definitely come for lovers of extreme relaxation. Romantic sheet music in holidays in Dubai will make a Safari that culminates in the meeting of the sunset or sunrise in the desert. Here you can have a picnic and enjoy the Arabian barbecue (BBQ), smoke hookah, enjoy a “belly dance”.

In Dubai it is allowed and everything is possible that can bring profit. Policy of the city aims at a more comprehensive increase in economic growth. Under such conditions, the development of the economy affects more than just the fact that the predominant population are Hindus, and the Arabs and Western expats almost never occur.

Bridges, roads, hotels in Dubai are always at the highest level, the technologies used to meet modern requirements. Dubai is the city with the most developed, ever-changing road network that is constantly changing and improving thanks to the creation of tunnels and overpasses. The city is also famous for the largest artificial port of Jebel Ali, which is admired by tourists.

In short, in this city You will find everything you want and haven’t seen or tried. Dubai – a dream that definitely can come true.