Lough REE and another 8 lakes with the monster
  18 may 1960, three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In…

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Lake Baikal - description, specifications, features, reviews.
  "He have nazyvatsya the sea, that mingled with a large sea, and obesity its terms cannot be", - wrote in the XVII century on lake Baikal Tsar's Ambassador Nikolay…

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Lake Baikal – description, specifications, features, reviews.


“He have nazyvatsya the sea, that mingled with a large sea, and obesity its terms cannot be”, – wrote in the XVII century on lake Baikal Tsar’s Ambassador Nikolay Spafariy. Blue Crescent of lake Baikal have spread from the southwest to the northeast between the mountain ranges of Eastern Siberia by as much as 636 kilometers. In the Central part of the width of the lake over 80 km, and the opposite shore can be seen only in very clear weather, and the depth of Baikal reaches an incredible value for lake – 1637 meters. It is the deepest lake in the world. Photos Of Baikal. of course, to give some indication of the unique nature of the lake, but passed only a fraction of the charm of the sacred sea. You need to see the blue gave the Baikal lake, the mighty cliffs rising from the water straight to the sky, to feel the power of Baikal winds and waves, to understand why the Baikal often called the sea and not a lake.

Tectonic depression in which lies lake Baikal, began to fill with water 20-25 million years, and in its present shape, the lake has existed for several million years. The depth of the fracture in the earth’s crust, in which is situated the Baikal reaches 8.5 km. Most of the fault over millions of years has filled with sediments.

Lake Baikal contains 20% of the world’s fresh water. More than 330 rivers and streams add to the bowl of lake Baikal. The high-water tributary of the Selenga, which accounts for half of the volume of river water entering the lake. Flows out of Baikal and only one river – the Angara. Unique cleaning mechanisms created by nature over millions of years, make Baikal water oxygenated and extremely transparent.

In winter, Baikal is fully covered with ice, except a small section in the beginning of Angara river. Freezing of the lake begins in October with the Northern part of lake Baikal. First, the ice creeps up the shallow bays, then the entire area, gradually moving from North to South. Strong wind prevents the formation of ice, from time to time breaking his. Frozen in a new ice fragments form a picturesque hummocks. But by mid-January – early February winter prevails, and winter lake Baikal transforms into an ice Wonderland.

The beauty of Baikal nature attracts tourists from all over the world – tourism and rest on Baikal is getting more popular. On the shores of lake many places, particularly attractive to tourists. Many of these places were venerated by the local population since ancient times. It is an island Olkhon, Cape Burhan, aka Shaman, Cape Sagan Khushun and Khoboi, in Peschanaya Bay, Chivyrkuy Bay, Holy Nose Peninsula, the archipelago of the Ushkany Islands. There is a man – made attraction-the old Circum-Baikal railway has existed for over a hundred years.

Thanks to the exceptional qualities of Baikal water, the lake is teaming with life from the surface layers to the bottom. In Baikal there are more than 2600 species and varieties of animals and over 1000 species of plant organisms. About 2/3 of the species of plants and animals living in the open Baikal are endemic, i.e. are found only in Baikal.

The lake has 58 species of fish. The most famous – omul, whitefish, grayling, trout, sturgeon, golomyanka, lenok. Amateur summer fishing on lake Baikal – employment is extremely exciting, but requires local knowledge.

Unfortunately, the nature of southern and especially South-Eastern coast of lake Baikal suffered greatly from anthropogenic impact. And be very careful with what he could save. Don’t hesitate – if you get lucky to see the Baikal and you with respect and love will react to the great lake Baikal will answer you in return.