Holiday on lake Janisjarvi. Recreation centres, hotels, private sector. Fishing and hunting
  Gorgeous, unforgettable, interesting vacation. What does it mean for a man? What associations it evokes? Certainly, the majority is such a vacation as a fabulous place where all cherished…

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SEA PTUJ– Ptuj lake
  Winter season. November, December, January, February 9.00 - 17.00 hours. The summer season. from March to October, Sunday - Thursday 8.00 - 23.00 hours. Friday, Saturday 08.00 - 02.00…

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Five lakes: what is the mystery of the Siberian water?


Our helicopter emerges from the forest, and for porthole opened the picture of the water. It is round like a saucer, devil – lakes of O. One of the five famous Siberian lakes. Once there, near Omsk. lived Peter Yershov – the author of the famous “the humpbacked Horse”. And, it seems that local legends became the basis of his famous tales. Remember boilers with live and dead water, skupnosti in which people regained their youth and health?

Already it is precisely known that this legend has arisen not on an empty place. Five lakes and their water really have healing properties. And it attracts to the mysterious places of pilgrims from all over the world. Someone here is looking for physical healing, some restoration of mental health, and someone attract local wonders, the number of which is unbelievable: UFO. mermaids, like the phenomena of mass hypnosis, and other inexplicable things happen here almost continuously.

Legend a legend, and water in the lakes is really different from the usual. The first thing that drew the attention of scientists, is its activity: it promotes cell viability, resistance to external influences. Plus five lakes contain so much silver that you dialed in any of these, water does not deteriorate over the years. And this is used by both locals and visitors. And those who traveled here thousands of miles, sometimes doing immediately a year’s supply of water, knowing that the whole year will be able to use it as a remedy for thousands of diseases.

Scientific expedition come here from all over the country. But, despite all efforts, scientists have not been able to explain the origin of the five lakes: does not fit their existence in the modern geological theory. They are located at equal from each other a distance is already inexplicable phenomenon. Under one of them devices fix the vast emptiness of mysterious origin. But after all not without reason say, that under one of the five lakes there is an underground temple-sanctuary of ancient civilizations. No wonder because the researchers of anomalous phenomena claim that born five lakes Space, and gave them water unique energy.

For several centuries, scientists are struggling with the mystery of Holy water, but even the most modern scientific advances don’t help to put a period at the end of disputes about the nature of its healing properties. Approximately the same happens with the water of five lakes: to fix and to study its extraordinary properties science has managed to figure out how it is so life-giving force, still does not work.