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Where to find the cleanest lakes Russia?


Russia — a country with the vast territory on the planet. The Russian landscape is extremely diverse: there are the steep mountains of the Caucasus, and the great plains of Siberia, and flowering steppes of Kalmykia, and, of course, endless lakes, the water surface which attracts travelers, artists and poets.

Freshwater is huge. Mostly it’s the former glaciers that melted thousands of years ago. The total number of lakes exceeds two million, and their total area is about 350 thousand square kilometers. But not all of them manage to preserve in pristine purity. Human activity most often has a detrimental effect on the state of water reservoirs and their ecosystem. So to see a really clean lake, we have to go there where no human foot has ever stepped.

The first place is rightly given to lake Baikal. It’s not just the biggest lake of Russia, it is the deepest and largest reservoir in the world. 85 per cent of the fresh water of the country is concentrated here. Because of its incredible size, the locals call Baikal the sea. And you only need to see once to understand how vast its expanse.

The cold waters of lake Baikal (temperature ranges from 4 to 8 degrees, and only in some places reaches 15 degrees Celsius) are at the center of a unique ecosystem. And keep it clean would be impossible if the lake was taken under state protection. Only through continuous control activities on site manages to maintain the purity of lake Baikal.

In search of clean water it is impossible not to look at Karelia, where the forest lie the magnificent lakes-Ladoga and Onega. The area they occupy second and third places after lake Baikal, and are the largest freshwater reservoirs of the European part of the country.

If you are ready to move mountains in search of the cleanest and most beautiful places in the country, then you certainly should go to the Altai. Here, among the mountains, are situated the pristine lakes of Russia. May they greatly inferior in size to the three aforementioned giants, but clean, maybe even give them a head start. For example, Verkhnemultinskoe, Teletskoye, and shavlinskoe lake kucherlinskoe, emerald-blue water which can turn the head of even the most sophisticated tourist.

Undoubtedly, the purest lake of our country are located in its Northern part. This is not surprising, if we recall that most fresh water has a glacial origin. Of course, there are many famous lakes and southern Russia. For example, the Caspian sea, which is mistakenly called a sea because of its size and salinity. But active human activities, mainly oil extraction, contaminated water Caspian. So the road traveler who chooses to enjoy the beauty of lakes, lies to the North.

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