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One of the most picturesque places of Belarus-national Park “Braslav lakes” — is located in the North-West of Belarus, 250 km from Minsk, near the border with Lithuania and Latvia. The Park was created in 1995. Its territory is more than 69 thousand hectares, of which 2 581 ha of the protected area.The features of the landscape

The basis of the form of the National Park Braslav lakes, consisting of interconnected 61 large and small lakes with a total area of 12 701 hectares.

The biggest lakes are Drivyaty, Snudy, Strusto, Voyso, North voloso, Nedrovo, Biareža, Double, Funs, etc. are among hilly terrain. Each of them has its own characteristics and is unique.

On the lake Strusto is located the second largest island in Belarus – Chaichin (1,6 sq km sq), which has internal reservoir – a small lake. Hair South of the lake is the deepest in the Park (maximum depth is 40.4 m). The lake is known for the extraordinary purity of the water (transparency – 7m).

Local places are often compared with Switzerland or Finland.

In the National Park “Braslav lakes” is situated many monuments of archeology, history and culture.

The National Park centre is one of the most ancient cities of Belarus Braslav, first mentioned refers to the beginning of the ELEVENTH century. The city is located on the North shore of lake Drivyaty, the lush greenery of the hill.

In the spring of 2002 in the National Park is open source with drinking water, which by its useful properties are not inferior to Sochi “Matsesta”.

Flora and fauna

The region’s flora has over 800 species of plants, of which about 20 are listed in the Red book of Belarus.

In Braslav lakes is home to over 30 species of fish, among which have commercial value acne.

The Park is a home to 35 percent of all nesting in Belarus birds. A group of birds that have commercial value, rich in species (217 species) and quantitatively (in the area there are up to 15 per cent of the total stock of wildfowl lake district).

In addition, on the territory of the Braslav district is inhabited by 52 species of mammals (badgers, lynxes, brown bears, flying squirrels, elks, boars, roes), 10 amphibian species, 5 reptile species.


The tourist complex “Drivyaty”

Travel from Minsk from Moscow bus station. the town of Braslav

Located on the outskirts of the city of Braslav 2.5 km from the centre of town in the forest on the shore of the largest lake in the Braslav region – Drivyaty. In the tourist complex includes three comfortable four-story building, designed in “the style”, with a bar on the fourth floor and Billiards. Each building has two suites, two “half-Suite” and eight double rooms. All rooms have upholstered furniture, refrigerator, combined bathroom, kitchenette, TV. Deluxe rooms duplex: with a lounge, kitchenette, WC and loggia on the first level and bedroom with bathroom on the upper level.