Caspian sea — lake, the largest in the world by area and volume of water. K its shores appears five States. The salinity of the most part of the…

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Trip to lake Oron (North of Buryatia)
  I'm not a fisherman and not a hunter. But sometimes under the pretext of the same fishing going to the company, and I have the opportunity to go to…

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Trip to lake Uvildy


Life in our «RADIUM», is not in place. Only recently a large group of children returned from Evpatoria children’s clinical resort at the defense Ministry of Russia after the rehabilitation course, as once again our children were lucky to attend the recreation of lake Uvildy on a three-day (03.08. on 06.08.14.) psychological seminar for children with disabilities and for parents with children with disabilities.

Characteristics of children with disabilities often do not allow them to join the groups of healthy children for joint activities, games, learning, leaving them the right to be observers only. Here under is mild and unnoticeable the guidance of a psychologist from the rehabilitation center “Talisman” — Tatiana Valeryevna Sinyavskii the children felt the spirit of competition, passion for cooperative games, felt new.

On the first day of training was arranged a competition for the best decorated house, the children together with their mothers invented the subject, the image of his home and improvised was created in his image. One house turned into a refuge of pirates, the other in the hotel «seven stars», the third in the home of the forest fairies, the fourth in the hospitable hut of the Moldovan hutoryanki.

The second day was held a beauty contest. All the girls transformed: Alain and Sonya in princesses, Lera and Vera in Paris ladies, Tanya in Ognevushka-Poskakushka, Natasha — in Royal, Katya and Masha — is also into princesses, only small. And the employee He is — in sleeping beauty, contest by contest, and sleep on a schedule! All the girls received prizes and gifts, and most importantly, they felt beautiful, worthy of admiration, worthy of the delight of the audience and the applause, because their self-esteem is very important! Well, the boys were the judges.

On the third day were available «contests», and again the prizes! In addition to the main competitions, the children made a joint operation «bird of happiness», crafts gorgeous crowns! Just tired, and nakupalis enough of plenty. Three days passed very quickly, leaving, of course, is not wanted. But, we are still ahead!

ANTON WHITE, age 16, diabetes mellitus type I:

Summer this year is rainy and cool. Their summer vacation I stay at home and unnecessarily vouchers this year. And when I found out about the trip, I was very pleased. When we boarded the bus it became clear that even if the weather is terrible, with such a team is nothing to fear. In the bus we became a team. Together eating ice cream, listening to tales, interesting story about the purpose of our trip — oz. Uvildy and admired the scenery outside the window. And here we are already in place. Actively discharged things and food, settled on the houses. Tired and hungry, but we to difficulties not to get used. We swam, played ball on the beach, enjoyed a delicious cooked pilaf from a large cauldron, barbecue, grilled, tea with sweets. In the morning engaged in exercises, day — training, talks, sports activities and various competitions. DIY games from clay. «the Tree of happiness» I have decorated with sequins, beads and barley. Joint competition «the name of the house» befriended and joined us, everyone found a job. As a result, the house in which I lived, took first place. Remember the beauty contest. All the girls looked beautiful and the best was difficult. We all tried to help each other.

All participants and winners got prizes, gifts, Diplomas. For a short time we became friends, so that nobody wanted to go home. Three days of rest flew by.

Would love next summer to again visit this place and have a fun time. This trip will remain vivid memories of summer vacation 2014! She was just awesome!

I thank all those who helped us to participate in this event,off site training teaches kids and Teens to lead a full and active life.

ZALESOVA IRINA is the mother of Anton White:

To organize such trips annually required, because they 1) form of adolescents (son of Anton 16 years) confidence in their own ability to overcome life’s difficulties (unloaded things, grilled kebabs, looked out at the lake for children, responsible for the music) 2) Form the motivation for an active lifestyle and sport activities (6.08 was held a children’s sports competition on the beach, swimming in the lake, a team of boys playing soccer) 3) increase the level of self-acceptance, support a positive image of their capabilities and abilities for self-development and self-improvement (competition decoration of the house, crafts made of clay).

NEZHDANOFF JULIA — the mother Jacoway Masha:

This trip is a welcome relief from the gray rainy summer we helped organize — Pogodina Elena from the administration of the t district of our city and our leader Krishina Anzhelika Vyacheslavovna, what they want from us many words of gratitude and many THANKS! Again they give the chance to us to feel compassion for our families, care and attention, the opportunity to be together, to talk about their everyday concerns, to discuss the news.


The field of psychological training, is made possible by the grant of the Administration of Yekaterinburg, the project “NEW HORIZONS”, the continued assistance of the Department on work with public organizations Zheleznodorozhny district of Ekaterinburg and personally Deputy Head — Pogodina Elena Vladimirovna.

I want to thank the Person that had provided significant financial assistance but, unfortunately, does not want to disclose his surname, name and patronymic. Vadim, thank You very much, for all Your help organizations and individual parents with children with disabilities.

Also thank:

CF “FAK “Holy cross” — President: Hovhannisyan Arman Osipovich