Bashkiria. Travel notes about other Russia
  Bashkiria is a Federal subject of the Russian Federation formed on the basis of ethnicity. Therefore, entering the region, if you find yourself abroad. The population respects people's traditions…

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  Caspian sea — lake, the largest in the world by area and volume of water. K its shores appears five States. The salinity of the most part of the…

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Denmark – travel feature


Denmark — it’s a small country with beautiful nature and rich history. Not accidentally it is called the “Pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula”: because of its small territory focused real treasures of culture and history to visit, all year round: in winter and summer.

The capital — københavn (Copenhagen), cities — Aalborg (Alborg), århus (Aarhus) and Odense (Odense).

In snow season this hospitable country offers to spend unforgettable new year holidays in the fairytale capital, Copenhagen is rich or attractions in Aarhus. Or go to Odense — the birthplace of perhaps the most famous storyteller in the world — Hans Christian Andersen. In addition, the trip by boat visiting some of the Scandinavian countries can enjoy, both adults and children.

In summer, the Kingdom prepares special surprises that will appeal to family tourists. First, this is an awesome theme parks — Legoland and Tivoli. Secondly, the fabulous beaches of the Danish Riviera, where during the winter the tired mothers will be able to enjoy high quality treatments at local SPA hotels. Third, amazing nature. Beautiful lakes with sandy beaches, like toys, gingerbread farm, where you can taste delicious national dishes and taste local cheeses. Finally, the romantic old fortress, part of which today is open as a hospitable hotels. Fathers will love this castle in the night, devoting the evening a hearty dinner in the stone hall. After such adventures in Denmark appears before tourists in a new form, as a state, which has not weathered tempting the spirit of the middle Ages.

The Climate Of Denmark.

Maritime temperate, fairly mild climate without sharp temperature differentials and by relatively uniform precipitation throughout the year. Winter lasts from December to March and is characterized by high humidity and prolonged periods of relatively cold weather: air temperature in January is 0..-7°C. cool Summer, average July temperature is +15..+16°C. the Best time to visit the country — July-August, when warmer, and precipitation are relatively few.

Denmark is not part of the Eurozone and has its own currency — the Danish Krone. The national Bank of Denmark has maintained a fixed exchange rate Danish Krone to Euro.

In the Faroe Islands in addition to Danish kroner are in circulation, and its own currency — the Faroese Krona.

The Danes — fans eat and plenty to eat. The quality of food in the Danish kitchen is provided, the quality of the seasonings. At Christmas, there are preparing a special spicy wine Bisschopswijn — German Danish version of mulled wine.

Entertainments, excursions and sights in Denmark.

In Copenhagen: the Round tower, Rosenborg Palace, the Palace complex of Amalienborg, the Guinness world Records Museum, Museum Erotica, the Museum of jokes and pranks “Believe it or not”, the National gallery, the national Museum, the NY Carlsberg Glyptotek, the little Mermaid, the Museum of modern art “Louisiana”, the Royal library, the Experimentarium, the Zoo, the Planetarium named after Tycho Brahe, the Bakken Park, the Marble Church, Christiansborg Palace, town hall square, Nyhavn — the New harbour, the ARKEN Museum of modern art, Tivoli Park.

In Aarhus: the Old town “Den Gamle by” amusement Park “Tivoli Friheden”, Marselisborg Castle, the Cathedral of Saint Clement, the town Hall Building.

In Aalborg: the house of the merchant Jens Brange, the Cathedral of St. Budolfi, the town Hall, half-timbered castle Aalborghus, Education Center Utzon, the zoo.

In Odense: the birthplace of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, Park them. Andersen, a Museum under the open sky ’s Fusca Village”, the Cathedral of St. Knud, zoo, Egeskov slot

As well as children’s Park “Legoland”, excursions to the castles of Kronborg and Frederiksborg, Safari in lion’s Park ’s Givskud” or in the Safari Park, Knuthenborg, an excursion to Roskilde — the ancient capital of the Vikings, the Viking ship Museum, guided tour in the Swedish province of skåne.

Denmark is among the countries-participants of the Schengen agreement, and for the trip in advance to get a visa.

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