Five lakes: what is the mystery of the Siberian water?
  Our helicopter emerges from the forest, and for porthole opened the picture of the water. It is round like a saucer, devil - lakes of O. One of the…

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Shatsk lakes. Ukraine
  In Ukraine most richly lakes of Polesie. Blue mirror natural reservoirs of this region are rightfully considered the jewels of our nature. They are scattered all over the Polesie…

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Tours in Germany


To go on vacation, having issued a visa to Germany. is a great way to spend time. Germany is located in the heart of Europe and shares borders with nine other countries. The climate in Germany is quite soft, devoid of the sharp temperature – 20°-30° in summer and around 0° in winter. The country consists of 13 Federal States and three free cities. The nature of this country’s amazing diversity. Here and snowy Alpine peaks, and the wide sandy beaches of the Baltic sea and beauty Holstein Switzerland. And numerous lakes and rivers in Germany have long become a legend among tourists. Everyone who has bought tour in Germany, traditionally tries to relax on a cruise along the Rhine, enjoying its strict Gothic architecture of old castles and young Moselle wine. Many tours in Germany include travel on major rivers, such as main, Oder and Elbe, or “sea” cruise on the North sea.

Germany is a country with rich history and culture, the country is clear and mysterious at the same time. It worked Goethe and Schiller, Bach and Handel. Light and airy waltzes of Strauss and severe severe sonatas of Beethoven were born in the narrow streets of small German towns. Tours in Germany – it and the many museums and art galleries, after all, the German art collections are among the richest in the world.

Speaking about the holidays in Germany, it is necessary to recollect about the famous German beer. German brewers deservedly famous in Europe, along with their Czech brethren in the craft. If You are a true connoisseur of this wonderful drink, You just need to visit the famous annual Oktoberfest beer festival, held every autumn in Munich. Sipping fragrant drink and seizing his smoked Bavarian sausages, You’ll understand why so proud of its beer, the friendly people of Germany.

Don’t forget about the lush spring carnivals, during which Germany rejects all the rigor and stiffness, and happily indulges in unrestrained drunken fun. A fabulous Christmas celebrations and fairs have already become a legend for tourists around the world.

However, tours to Germany is not only a wonderful stay but also a great opportunity to improve my health. Health resorts of Baden Baden, lake and SPA hotels – rest here and recuperate the representatives of the European aristocracy. There has long been loved spending time and Russians, there were Chekhov and Dostoevsky, can relax and, enjoy the peace and quiet.

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