Trip to lake Riza
  While at the yard the frost, I sit here and think of my trip to Abkhazia this summer. We went to a beautiful lake Ritsa. It is situated in…

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Lakes of Russia
Lake Udyl is a huge freshwater reservoir, located among picturesque nature of the Khabarovsk territory. It is located in the Amur river basin and is one of the largest lakes…

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Bashkiria. Travel notes about other Russia


Bashkiria is a Federal subject of the Russian Federation formed on the basis of ethnicity. Therefore, entering the region, if you find yourself abroad. The population respects people’s traditions and customs. People are predominantly Mongoloid, Caucasians are very few among the natives and Russian — not much more. And if pure often hear Russian speech, then, after leaving Ufa, Bashkir will find only the tongue or cutting his ear accent. But the more interesting!

Republic, in turn, is divided into 54 municipal district. I was able to visit in Baimaksky, Abzelilovsky, Mechetlinsk, haybullinskogo, Beloretsk and burzyansky.

With regard to the first three, then I drove through rolling plains covered with mixed forests. On the territory of Bashkortostan, in General, a lot of mountains and hills. Baimak land famous for an abundance of ponds and camp sites. The most famous — lake Kultuban, Tulkas, the river Sakmar, Tanalyk, Toalas, a pond with a children’s camp “the Count”, etc. haybullinskogo is solar yellow steppe covered with grass. But the strongest impression made by the mighty deep forests on the high mountains of the last two municipalities, especially Burzan. And I became a frequent guest of his.

Burzyansky miracle edge

My journey began in the mid-90s. Since then, the infrastructure is much improved. Sometimes tourists who come for the impressions, a smooth asphalt is very sad. But I’m happy for the local population. Living conditions in the region are severe. In ancient times all the way in the winter, early spring and autumn was a track. Difficult even had on SUVs. In Bashkiria it is better to travel on your own car, because buses stop no more than two times for a few minutes. The only exception is in case of breakage. The stations are arrayed such that the revenue is necessary to wait about half a day.

Now the discomfort comes down only to the height of the roads, resembling serpentine, and steep turns. The road winds between them like a snake. It often seems that here-here will fall into the gorge.

The climate of Bashkortostan is often “gives” fogs, torrential rains and blizzards. There are cases when the drifts of snow to save from falling into the abyss of transport under the road. Climbs and descents are very long. At times visibility does not exceed a few meters, and you have to move with a minimum speed. Local cabs are not afraid to go with non-working headlights.

The abundance of flora and fauna in the area is pretty obvious. It is impossible not to stop at any lawn, admiring the abundance of flowers and herbs. The grass is thick, juicy, flavorful. In summer you can swim in a river with a silvery-clear water. It is interesting that love to run out on the highway the animals. Once happened to see a real forest bear. He ran across the path, stopped in the middle of the way stood up on his hind legs and raised front the sign of “Surrender!”. Very young, not more than six years. What can be said about the hares and rodents!

The region is famous for burzyansky Linden honey is a natural multivitamin. Many families Bashkirov — hereditary beekeepers, and some engaged in wild-hive beekeeping, i.e. produces wild honey from beehives. To preserve populations of rare plant fully overhauled drawing bees created reserve “Shulgantash”. “Tash” means stone. Shulgan is a tributary of the Belaya river, flowing into it near the entrance to the cave of the same security zone name. The second name of the cave Kapova. It turns out that the two rivers join under the stones of the cave. Nearby, three kilometers straight through the thicket, along an animal trail, is a village Shulgan. There I stayed.

Fresh air is strong, wet, juicy… Waking up in the morning, you can see how huge layers of dense fog shrouded the horizon and a tiny wooden houses. The grass in the yard is wet, like after a rainstorm. Walking barefoot is a pleasure. In an urban environment it is very difficult to Wake up. Health remain sluggish until at least noon. But in the Wake Barsane want to start from the very dawn.

Most like to collect a small backpack and leave the village to reserve or hitchhiking to go straight through the forest with the guide. Any teenager knows cherished the tracks and are happy to spend on the route. Also in the village a lot of work with a reserve that can take tourists. Ride alone no one would suggest. I was accompanied by parents or a cousin. But this is for reassurance. The area is very peaceful, kind and even money for travel not taken. Walks through a dark, almost not permeable for the rays of the sun the forest in the cave, damp and cold, was dedicated for many days… It was the most peaceful, serene moments of life. There are a few museums, but a lot more tourists like the contact with untouched, pure nature. Even the famous paintings of the Paleolithic era is not impressive as the surrounding forest. I have heard talk in the tourist buses. People who have visited several seas and foreign countries, share experiences and admit that the better Barsana and Russia saw nothing.