Where to find the cleanest lakes Russia?
  Russia — a country with the vast territory on the planet. The Russian landscape is extremely diverse: there are the steep mountains of the Caucasus, and the great plains…

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The Lake - The biggest lake of the world
  The cleanest and deepest lake — Baikal. Its length is 620 km, the width ranges from 32 to 74 kilometers. The depth of the lake in the deepest part…

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Holiday on lake Janisjarvi. Recreation centres, hotels, private sector. Fishing and hunting


Gorgeous, unforgettable, interesting vacation. What does it mean for a man? What associations it evokes? Certainly, the majority is such a vacation as a fabulous place where all cherished dreams. One of the most beautiful natural places are located in the Republic of Karelia.

Lake yanisyarvi is a place, which is hit, is tantamount to getting into the tale. Magnificent lake Janisjarvi all year round for tourists who wish to make your holiday vacation unforgettable and fill it with pleasant impressions and positive emotions. Of course, hardly in the world there is a person who would be indifferent to the beauty of Karelian nature . It was here, surrounded by beautiful, pristine, pristine nature is located the beautiful lake Janisjarvi . And doubly nice to just relax away from the noise of the wild, though very beautiful, the coast, and intimate recreation . with high quality service, or even in a small but comfortable wooden cottage . where would be comfortable to visitors even the most demanding tastes. And in addition to relaxing and fishing with friends or hunting with his boss. Environmentally friendly natural area, crystal clear air, enchanting the silence, beautiful nature mixed forests, clean water, convince visitors of the Republic of Karelia again and again to this wonderful corner of Paradise and relax on the shores of beautiful lake Janisjarvi .

Lake yanisyarvi is a perfect place for a fun family holiday . but for interesting meetings with friends or just relaxing dimensional pastime away from the city bustle, dust and noise. It’s Paradise all year round takes visitors . decided to mark important events, as well as just wanting to spend a weekend in nature interesting and fun, go boating or enjoy your favorite fishing . Cosy coast of lake Janisjarvi . mighty pine forest, quiet and clear water surface and fresh air – all this is a great opportunity to break away from everyday life, rejuvenate, recharge, good mood and positive.

Located on the shores of lake Janisjarvi in one of the comfortable rooms to luxurious hotel or in a cosy wooden house of representatives of the private sector . You will be pleasantly surprised at home comfortable and convenient setting. Each room of the resort or camp site each vacationer is waiting for a soft double bed and a cozy couch, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, constant hot and cold water, and also quite “handy” mini-bar. Vacation on the shores of lake Janisjarvi will bring You tons of fun and will charge You with positive and pleasant emotions. On the shores of lake Janisjarvi, You can swim, enjoy the gentle rays of the sun on the soft sandy beach close to the hotel and plenty to amuse your senses with the pristine beauty of the Karelian nature. And what to say about rest during the forest walks. Crystal clear air of the surroundings of the lake Janisjarvi in any season, the beauty and majestic calm of the mighty ancient forests, rich in berries and mushrooms, which are fun to collect both children and adults. And it’s nice to sit on a bench near a country cottage or wooden house . filmed in the private sector . and to try only that the collected berries. And then cook on the grill, only that his father caught fishing pike.

On the shores of lake Janisjarvi, You can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also to play volleyball, ride on catamarans or boats, which in the modern, computerized life are in some way a true rarity. And at night on the shores of lake Janisjarvi remain true romance, couples or simple lovers of peace, tranquility and true beauty. They are here to watch as the water tumbles vast starry sky, with its soft, gentle and mysterious shimmer. For children and family fun at lake Janisjarvi near the resort organized sports and playgrounds. Also in hotel You can rent bicycles and ATVs. Those for whom nature is a constant movement and intense pastime, the lake Janisjarvi and its cottages offer a table for table tennis, badminton and shooting gallery. Lovers of quiet, relaxing, and quiet vacation every year to amuse themselves with intellectual games. Dominoes, checkers, chess, backgammon, and Lotto will make Your stay pleasant and interesting. Also at the tourist recreation center there are Darts, where You can demonstrate your marksmanship hunter . and karaoke centre, where You can easily and simply demonstrate their vocal talents. And what a delicious, juicy, soft, and most importantly, prepared their own barbecue? On the shores of lake Janisjarvi near holiday homes are cozy gazebo with barbecue and skewers. You can also buy charcoal, but if You don’t have enough gazebos to rent a table, chairs and sun loungers. Country so Your family vacation will be filled with the mouthwatering aromas of roasted meat and vegetables.

In addition to all of the Janisjarvi lake is quite rich in fish . And what a true Russian man does not like fishing and sit on the dawn with a fishing rod near a calm and quiet lake Janisjarvi .

Of course, a real recreation for the body and soul cannot be imagined without a real Russian bathhouse. At any time of year on the shores of lake Janisjarvi in the private sector you can enjoy the steam room. And how cool after such a hot couple to plunge into the cool waters of lake Janisjarvi .

Come and relax in this fabulous area of the Republic of Karelia on the lake Janisjarvi and You will experience real bliss and soak up the warm rays of the summer sun, hunting for rabbits, enjoying the magnificent beauty of nature or the solitude in fishing .

Rent housing for recreation, fishing or hunting on lake Janisjarvi