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Trip to lake Oron (North of Buryatia)


I’m not a fisherman and not a hunter. But sometimes under the pretext of the same fishing going to the company, and I have the opportunity to go to a new place. And to go on nature or travel I love. It happened this time. At the Oron lake, located in the North of Buryatia, was in 2011. I liked it, so decided to go again.

Went from 24 to 28 March. Day there, day back 3 days and had planned to spend on the site. To the village of Bagdarin the road is already familiar. Here the road is not complicated, you can drive any car. Came to the hour of the day. Because cellular up, everyone started ringing home to his relatives.

We stopped in the cafe to eat. The people who are not behind the wheel, took a little bit intoxicating.

The team expressed the desire imprinted on the memory. The village of Bagdarin, near the cafe.

After the village of Bagdarin is a dirt road, not quite heavy, but worse than the one on which we were driving before. Although you can drive almost any car. Please note that we are talking about a winter trip and, accordingly, on the winter road. Summer was not here, but it’s obvious that everything is completely different. Ever see a video about the summer trips to these places: in high water it is extreme.

On the video my friend Sergey (Callsign Roger) passing this river. In normal times this is a small stream behind the village of Bagdarin, but after heavy rains it became here such:

Stop at the village of Bagdarin, near Buryat God.

Buryat God is often located on the top of mountains or hills. On trees or bushes in the Buryat God tied ribbons, throw the breeze, dripping with alcohol, drinks, etc. All this is done to ensure that the road was successful. Here we stopped for a little while.

Further, after passing a little bit along the main road, turned onto the river Thawed and drove on it. Here the road went along the river (ice road), therefore not for every car passed. In one place decided not to turn to the pass, and to try to go down the river.

Moving on the winter road on the river, Cepican, to go is not difficult. Harder to go through the passes and on the frozen Bolotina. In summer in these places you can only travel on caterpillar equipment.

After a bit, quickly realized that further along the river to go would be too hard, since the river flows under a steep slope and is formed by freezing a large number of voids, as well as sticks out of a large number of boulders. I here his car got stuck. Showed dash line, with the help of Andrew on his Kruzak I easily pulled.

The smoke break.

Went through the pass. Here the road is already prepared for equipment, slopes, boulders, deep frozen ruts.

The team is backed by “shrivatsa”.

The place is beautiful and wild. Fishermen go in the winter and in the summer very rarely. Around the swamp, go in the summer is very difficult, only on caterpillar equipment. This I know since last visit to lake Oron.

In General, lakes Oron two. The first is the fact that we are driving now is in the North of Buryatia. The second lake Oron is located more North in the Irkutsk region, on the border of Buryatia. This lake is located behind the BAM, and through it flows the river Vitim.

The driver of Kruzak Andrew (Callsign Glamorous) on the road to burst car the low pressure hose on the steering wheel. In its place put a small piece of hose from a gas stove. Came up at the time! The breakage occurred near lake Oron. Fussed a couple of hours, so arrived in the dark. Not long after traveling along the shores of the lake, find a cabin.