Thank you for the warming: the most northerly lake comes back to life
  Lake Kaffeklubben (detsk. Kaffeklubben Sø, 83 37') is located on a small (48 ha) of the eponymous island. to the North of Greenland, only 707 km from the pole.…

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Trip to lake Riza
  While at the yard the frost, I sit here and think of my trip to Abkhazia this summer. We went to a beautiful lake Ritsa. It is situated in…

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Lakes of Russia

Lake Udyl is a huge freshwater reservoir, located among picturesque nature of the Khabarovsk territory. It is located in the Amur river basin and is one of the largest lakes in the region. The area of the surface exceeds 330 square kilometers. Longer in length by about 40 km and a maximum width of 11 kilometers, the Udyl rather like the river, bathed in the lake. The depth of the reservoir varies by season, in summer it is shallow. Maximum depth is 5 meters, the smallest – 2 m.

The scenic shoreline, framing the beautiful crystal surface of the pond. Stripped, dotted with beautiful coves, cut into the land bays, small michikami – this appears to be the Northern and South-Eastern part of the steep, massive folded schists of the coast. While the rest of it is calm forms and structures. Sand-clay surface of the coastal area is almost flat and low. Only places looming wetlands covered by luxuriant vegetation. These picturesque blotches liven up the lake, giving the surrounding landscape traditional Russian character and incredible charm.

In the waters of the shallow lakes have lost four small islets, and the confluence of rivers (Pildi, Whips and Chops) is the State reserve “Udalski”.

The rich vegetation of the coastal zone. The lake is surrounded by luxurious grass carpet, proteleuses for many miles ahead. In the lowlands rampaging unprecedented colors dotted with picturesque sedge meadows. They are replaced by shaky swampy landscape and the tiny, overgrown with greenery, ponds.

The ichthyofauna of the lake is rich in different species of fish, among them Goldilocks, and orca-skrypon, and cubacan. In the summer to stay in local waters rush tolstolobik, white Amur and carp.

The Bolon is a freshwater lake in Khabarovsk Krai. It is situated in the North-East lowlands Sredneamurskaya. The picturesque waterfront area of over 330 square kilometers long – more than 55 kilometers and a width of about 23 kilometers. The depth changes depending on the time of year, the average range within 4 meters.

Long lake is a picturesque natural site, the exceptional beauty which embodies the richness of Russian land. A riot of lush greenery, framing a blue-gray pond, a series of heaving on its background of mountain peaks and the sparkling blue of the bottomless sky, reflecting in the crystal surface of a beautiful lake – so you can describe the breathtaking landscapes of this amazing place, whose heart – Bolon lake.

Silver lake channel is connected with the Amur river. Its cute sounding name flow received by the nearby volcano, in the depths of which tried in vain to find silver ore. In the lake flows over fifty small rivers and large rivers of Harpy, Simmy, Sumner.

The lake is remarkable lost in the waters of the islets. Of greatest interest is Agassin – a tiny piece of land in the territory of which is a long-extinct volcano. Despite its inactivity, the volcano still has the awesome view, and scientists volcanologists predict that he will soon have a revival. South lake is part of the Bolonsky nature reserve, established in 1998.

The picturesque banks of Bolon presents a hilly landscape in the South and the West alternated with colorful plains and gentle hills. The lush emerald carpet covers the lakeside area, making it a fabulous decoration for a children’s movie. It is very beautiful in winter and summer.

Boulogne is the name of the lake translates as “rich in fish deep.” And really in the clear waters of a pond inhabited by many fish, among which are the Amur. Fishing in this area is a fertile thing. It is no wonder that the Bolon is one of the main fishery water bodies of the Amur river.

But aquatic vegetation is not happy lush vegetation and underwater gardens. There are vsego species of algae, concentrated mostly in the bays cut into the Northern and Western shores of the lake.

Scenic vegetated area was chosen by the birds, and there was arranged a kind of refugee camp. Over a million migratory birds, including cranes, storks, and swans, and cormorants, resting on the shores of beautiful lake to rest and gain strength.

Boulogne is not only a great natural object, it is an important historical reminder, near which occurred the decisive battle of jurjana against the troops of Genghis Khan, and a few centuries later near the lake was located Acanski stockaded town of Erofey Khabarov.

Lake Latchi

In the South-West of the Arkhangelsk region is a beautiful freshwater lake with the surprising title of Latsia. A picturesque pond adorns the Kargopol area is a fascinating natural attraction of the region.

Lake Latchi shipping. Its area ranges from 345 to 356 square kilometers. Length is about 33 kilometers and a width of more than 13 kilometers. Is the pond at the height of 118 meters above sea level. The lake depth reaches five meters and in some places does not exceed five feet.

A beautiful pond attracts fishermen, because its waters are incredibly rich in fish. Here are roach, perch, pike and Rudd and many other species of freshwater fish. And scenic coastal areas attract those who are engaged in ecological tourism, as well as the true connoisseurs of beauty, ready for hours to admire the excellent water-landscape masterpieces, which is so rich Russian land.