Caspian sea — lake, the largest in the world by area and volume of water. K its shores appears five States. The salinity of the most part of the…

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Denmark - travel feature
  Denmark — it's a small country with beautiful nature and rich history. Not accidentally it is called the “Pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula": because of its small territory focused…

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Tours to Lake Nakuru with low prices.


Lake Nakuru is located 160 km Northwest of Nairobi, a 2-hour drive from the international airport Jomo Kenyatta. At the local plane you can get there from Wilson airport, the flight takes about half an hour. Nakuru – one of the lakes along the Great African Rift. Its area is about 40 sq km and maximum depth of about 3 m.

Nakuru is a high – altitude lake, it is at the altitude of 1759 m above sea level. It is fed by two major rivers – Giro and Nderit. The lake belongs to hypersaline, due to the high content in the water of carbonates and bicarbonates, so here there are only those rare plants and living creatures which could adapt to such conditions: few algae, few species of zooplankton, small crustaceans, and only one species of fish. Surprisingly, this seemingly meager range of water flora and fauna of the lake attracts the countless numbers of birds, the most notable of these is small flamingos. These birds are different bright pink color, and on the lake they may be collected up to half a million. Such an unusual color to their feathers gives beta-carotene found in the algae spirulina, which feed on flamingos. Also it is home of Flamingo, herons, great white Pelican, yellow-beaked stork, and African eagle fishing.

The area aroundthe lake declared a National Park. The scenery here is very diverse: in coastal areas grow acacia forest, of which there are vast green fields and mountain ranges, and behind the Park there is a charge of menengai – a giant extinct volcano, around which tens of kilometers arrays of solidified lava. Among locals there is a legend that says that in times of strife between the African tribes to the floor of the crater dropped warriors whose souls are then lifted to the surface in the form of wisps of smoke. It is this tradition and explains the volcano’s name translates from the tribal language Maa the word “menenga” means “dead”.

The Park is the habitat of many animals, including lions, leopards, waterbucks, warthogs, Buffalo and giraffes. A few years ago were brought here by white Rhino is a rare species which is nowadays on the verge of extinction. In the region of Nakuru rhinos are now living in a special reserve Naisi.

Among the local products of special interest are articles with bright pink feathers Flamingo: jewelry, hats, clothing, decorative objects (panels).