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Tours in Karelia


True tale awaits those who have decided to spend your vacation in Karelia. Tours in Karelia from the tour company  is varied holiday for the whole family. Medvezhyegorsk, Belomorsk, Pudozh and other cities of this fabulous country and I invite everyone to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, breathe the clean fresh air, go on educational excursions and to take a course of treatments.

Tours to Karelia – it’s a comfortable stay in well-appointed hotels, boarding houses, rest homes and sanatoriums. The days spent here will give great pleasure and will long be remembered and fans of quiet rest, and those who prefer to spend their leisure time actively. Snowmobiling and dog sledding, ski trips – that way the day passes in winter. In summer the tourists are happy to raft down rivers in canoes, rafts or catamarans, go Cycling or Hiking. For those who are interested in sightseeing tourism, our guides have prepared educational routes on the island of Valaam, in Kondopoga, Kizhi and the old Olonets, as well as unusually beautiful waterfall Kivach.

Small population density, environmentally friendly nature, reasonable prices – these are the main reasons for the popularity of tours to Karelia. Particularly popular time-tested and based on ancient traditions Wellness tours to the resort Marcial waters. Tranquil and rapid rivers, beautiful lakes, unique, optimistic atmosphere of forests, the natural Holiness of this land – all this will give great pleasure and will long remain in the memory of pleasures, who chose to rest in Karelia in 2015 .

Information on tours to Karelia:

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Holidays in Karelia

Harsh, but such is the picturesque nature of Karelia, numerous sights, the opportunity to improve their health – that’s what attracts tourists to this beautiful corner of Northern Russia. Those who plan to purchase tours in Karelia, will experience a fascinating journey during which you can admire the natural wonders of this region and get acquainted with its original inhabitants, always warmly greets guests. The history of this ancient land full of legends, which local people passes from generation to generation.

A particularly interesting excursion routes on the Karelian island, because here is the main part of the attractions. The path on the island of Valaam, Kizhi and Solovki will not take much time and will bring great pleasure tourists, whether cruise or “meteor” on the water surface of the White sea, Ladoga or Onega lakes in the summer or winter air travel.

The lake is only a small part of what can be seen in Karelia. There are also many rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Those who have already purchased or planning to purchase tours in Karelia 2015 . definitely worth a visit not freezing even in the coldest winters the Kivach waterfall and to admire the waterfalls of the lake Ladoga area, which is located in the unspoilt area of Karelia. And rivers and lakes are rich in fish, so fishing in Karelia will give you unique sensation.

Holidays in Karelia not only benefits the soul but also the body. The healing air of pine forests has a beneficial effect on health suffering from respiratory diseases. The urban smog that filled the lungs, will not stand a chance after a few days spent in Karelia. A rich Karelian land and curative mineral waters, useful properties of which were seen by Peter I: in the period of his rule there was opened the first Russian resort “Marcial waters”. Today to the aid of the gifts of nature comes and latest equipment, which is equipped with many health resorts of Karelia .

Surprisingly, in Karelia can be healed not only air and mineral waters, but also stone. Healing shungite helps to preserve the health and eliminates negative energy. A unique natural masterpiece – mountain Park “Ruskeala” – will surprise visitors with a whole Kingdom of stone, the heart of which are reflected in the emerald water of the marble rocks. Not less good for health and manufactured on the basis of infusion of medicinal herbs Karelian balm. It is the tourists bring home as a gift to family and friends.

Very informative and interesting the tour will visit the Karelian village, where it is possible to get acquainted with local traditions and customs, to visit the folk show with national dances and songs, as well as to taste dishes of Karelian cuisine.

Tours to Karelia from Moscow and St. Petersburg are becoming not only lovers tour, but fans of extreme sports. Holidays in Karelia for them – a great opportunity to get a powerful charge of vivacity and adrenaline, rafting on the rapids of the rivers on a catamaran or raft. Great pleasure awaits those who go on a winter walk on an ATV, snowmobile or dog sled in the company of kind and intelligent husky dogs. This holiday will be remembered for a long time and will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Those who want to be alone with nature, you should choose one of country recreation in Karelia. In this case, tourists are guaranteed a leisurely forest walks, fun fishing and a nice relax in the bath. A rich cultural program, including visits to theatres, museums, restaurants with national cuisine awaits those who decided to stay in one of the city hotels. Rich fauna of Karelia will appear before the admiring traveller in the zoo complex “Three bears”. Here you can see numerous Karelian animals but also to pet and feed them.

Prices for holidays in Karelia are quite affordable, so you can relax in the region can attend. As a travel Agency-partner of Karelia, our company has full information about the most interesting places, so it is always ready to advise his clients of the route, which meets all their requirements and wishes.