Keep Baikal alive!
  UNESCO supported the requirements for the protection of lake Baikal 34th Session of the world Heritage Committee of UNESCO endorsed the demands of the 125 thousand people who signed…

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Tours to Lake Nakuru with low prices.
  Lake Nakuru is located 160 km Northwest of Nairobi, a 2-hour drive from the international airport Jomo Kenyatta. At the local plane you can get there from Wilson airport,…

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Death Valley – the last point


“Death valley” is a word in daily use among many peoples of the world. About the sinister places, in which dies and unexplained things are happening, people tend to speak in a low voice. There is such a point and in Russia. One of the most famous “valleys of death” is in Transbaikalia

There are strange rumors about this secret place, located in the upper reaches of the river Vilyui. The name also speaks for itself – Eluu Cherkekh. In translation from the Yakut means “Valley of death”. For many years, local hunters bypass this blank area.

Sometimes in the sky you hear a roar, flashing dazzling white crosses, and on earth there are “metal monsters”. There is also retold the story of shepherds and hunters, who found a piece of iron “it is absolutely like nothing on earth”.

Space zone

It is possible that all these puzzles have a terrestrial origin. Most likely, we are talking about the dropping of spent rocket stages. And since satellites (spy satellites, scientific stations and space ships) from year to year are displayed along well-defined trails, on the Earth’s surface formed a “zone” where almost piled in heaps of twisted aluminum tanks of launch vehicles and other wreckage of “space metal”.

Warm thing

It is said that in the Altai mountains there is a village, where under the stove using the nozzle of spent rocket stages. The benefit of each “Union” of their two dozen.

Tell that one illiterate Kazakh shepherd was very glad, having found rest from emergency start of RTGs (radioisotope thermoelectric generators). The thing never got cold, and near it was very convenient to bask in the cold dark nights. When sent from Baikonur soldiers found the lost RTG device in a Yurt under a layer of blankets to save the “lucky” already failed…

Vilyui phenomenon

Space version – decent explanation for the phenomenon, but the fact that the legends about strange places born, when humanity still did not think about access to space.

So, about “Vilyuy valley of death” in the last century wrote a famous researcher of the places Maak: “On the river side of Algy timerinit, which means “big pot drowned”, is a gigantic cauldron made of copper. The size is unknown, so as above the ground is only visible edge, but it is growing more trees…”

The researcher of ancient cultures of Yakutia Arkhipov also wrote about the strange objects: “Among the population of the basin Viluy there is a tradition from the earliest times the presence in the upper reaches of the river enormous bronze cauldrons-Kolguev”.

What is this strange “boilers” hiding in the Yakut earth? The wreckage of the flying saucers that were seen there after a space battle, as claimed by some ufologists? Or is it the traces of some ancient civilization? The answer to these questions yet.

The lake of fire

In the same places, in the Yakut taiga, there is one more strange place: “lake of death” Khanagah.

The ancestors of the Yakuts, this lake was notorious. On its banks have often found the dead deer, and some of the hunters who came there, fell to death. According to a local legend, once came a fisherman on this lake and cast the net. But the evil spirits were angry, boiling black water, there was a hell of a rumble and the sky flashed tongues of fire. The fisherman got scared and ran away, and when everything calmed down, came back, pulled the net, and it’s full of boiled fish.

Even in our time, geologists who worked in this place, found that the lake appeared on the site of the giant underground fire. Several thousand years ago at a depth of 50 meters self-ignited coal deposits, coal was burnt, and the soil had settled, and formed a pit filled with groundwater. In the hollows under the lake accumulated combustible gas. When this underground gas storage facility getting the flame of the underground fire, gas caught fire and the resulting steam caused a giant explosion. Released same carbon monoxide began to accumulate in the basin of the lake and kill all living things.

The last refuge

Another “death valley” is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the upper reaches of the river geyser.

From earlier studies of Kamchatka “valley of death”, the scientists said: well, what’s special. Near volcanoes and geysers, most likely, animals and birds are poisoned by hydrogen sulfide: in the valley of the observed outputs of brimstone. However, most of the dead animals and birds found in the area of the small basin (50 to 100 meters), from which there is free passage along the bed of a tributary valley of the river geyser. How to explain the deaths of large animals – bears and wolverines – in places from which they could freely leave?

The staff of the Institute of Volcanology conducted a study of the gas discharge in the “valley of death” and found volatile compounds containing hydrogen cyanide and CYANOGEN chloride. This is a very toxic and fast-acting substances that cause paralysis of the respiratory center and death.

Zone of silence

And yet one of the most obscure “cursed” places in Mexico, just six miles from the Texas town of El Paso. “The area del Silencio” – “Zone of silence”, as the locals call her.

The unusual properties of “cursed zones” were first noticed in the late nineteenth century, when a group of farmers trying to grow corn on the barren land, occasionally came under a hail of hot gravel, from time to time falling from the heavens.

In 1930, Aviator Francisco Sarabia, a resident of one of the North Mexican States, wrote a report about how during the flights over the Zone of silence in the plane in a mysterious way refused all devices, including radio.

Life without ether

However, in the center of public attention Zone of silence came only in 1970, when an American missile “Athena” category which was developed from White Sands missile base, went off course and went straight into a mysterious zone, where it exploded. A few years later the top part of the spaceship “Saturn” used by the Americans in the project “Apollo” fell in the same place, causing a massive explosion.

With the mysterious “silence” zone of silence encountered a group of scientists headed by engineer Harry de La peña, who worked in these places. They found that not only can communicate with the radios, as “cursed” place radically changes the usual speed and frequency of radio transmission.

To this day the locals have to do without radios and televisions.